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We bring out your beauty permanently

Rosemarie established The Permanent Cosmetic Clinic "Pure Radiance" many years ago.

“I’m the business owner. I’m very passionate about my work and client. I consider everyone as family. What make me to so different and unique.

I treat people how I wanted to be treated. A professional must know color and undertone. To be successful in this line of work and that’s my key.

Enhance your natural beauty

Tired of drawing on your eyebrows and eyeliner? Lipstick won't stay on?

Permanent Makeup might be the perfect solution for you.

Beautiful brows, eyeliner and lip color that won't smudge or wipe off!

Permanent makeup services are tattoo procedures. The risks are minimal , however any time skin is broken there is healing and recovery that must take place. Aftercare is simple, but essential, and you should plan your procedure at a time when you do not have important social, business or travel plans for a few days. Complete healing takes place in 7-10 days. after all you will have the new YOU.

Advanced Skin Care and Permanent Makeup are the Right Choice

Why choose Pure Radiance


Perfect eyebrows from the 1st session

You get the color and shape from the 1st session. More than 80% gets the perfect result with only 1 session without the need for retouches. Suitable for the majority of skin types in Arabic countries.


Advanced technology & Elite standards

Using the latest techniques for very thin hair-strokes and eyebrow shape accuracy. High quality and skin-friendly pigments. Strictly adhering to elite standards of hygiene and safety. Cross-contamination free needles.


What you expect is what you get

years of experience in permanent makeup. Working with over 500 clients. Providing consultation and healing orientation with the material prescription.

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